2022: A New Year's Choice

How many of us are looking forward to the New Year, but would admit that some aspects of our life could be described as lying around in the "rubble"? We have not picked up these pieces in years, nor had the energy, motivation, or know-how to do so.

Nehemiah had an elite position working for a royal family in Iran but was fixated on the collapsed walls of his hometown so much so that the royal family released him and allowed him and an elite team to return home for a rebuild project. Nehemiah's project was not a trendy one. Before the first hammer swung to begin fixing the collapsed walls, critics and opposition swept all networks and surrounding areas. The opposition blinding banners scrolling with reminders of how spread out the rubble was in order to dishearten his team, but they kept going.

The critics sang "The strength of the laborer fails since there is so much rubble, we will never be able to rebuild the wall." Nehemiah 4:10

See, when you start rebuilding collapsed areas of your life, the critics will come from all over. Even your family members may throw jabs.

Do not be surprised when enemies attack. Make sure you build a strong team before you begin a rebuild. Nehemiah and his team did not stop working or lose focus. He reminded them who/what they were fighting for.

The next step Nehemiah did was to assess the wall for the lowest sections (identify triggers) and vulnerabilities and stationed armed guards. This way when enemies came to attack them, they would be ready. It is at our greatest victories that the enemies will attack our weak points. Nehemiah was ready. He knew how spread out the rubble was, but he believed that with God, no gap was left in it. The wall was completed in 52 days (Nehemiah 6:15-16.

As your life may appear to lay in ruins with no direction, no strength, no safety, no inhabitants, no purpose, diminishing, with the joy and the peace long gone. You have experienced criticism, attacks, social injustice, complaints, but it's time to clean up the rubble. It may seem too spread out. This year, form a team, assess your triggers, low points, and vulnerabilities, know what you are fighting for, fill in one gap at a time, even if it takes all year, get up and get it done.


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