Axe Men

Ecclesiastes 10:10

“If the ax is dull, and one does not sharpen the edge, then he must use more strength; but wisdom brings success”. 

For a time, my grandfather was a logger who cut down trees for a living. Chainsaws became popular in the late 1920’s, but many loggers had to use an axe. The thing about axes is that if they are not sharpened before use, then you have to use a lot of extra energy to cut through the wood. The wisest thing an axe man can do is to take the time to sharpen the blade. My grandfather had learned this early on and it was not uncommon to see him sharpen even a simple steak knife around the house.

Many of us go through life and never take the time to sharpen our blades. We accept the ordinary and instead of taking good care of the “tools” God gave us, we neglect them. Many of us find ourselves having to exert extra energy because we don’t take the extra steps to polish, sharpen, and maintain all that God has given us. Whether it be our bodies, our car, our toys, or are kids, God wants us to take the time and invest in taking care of the things he has given us. 

Brushing our teeth, cleaning up our toys, helping our kids with homework, washing our cars are all simple ways we can avoid frustration and negative consequences down the road. A successful man or woman does not procrastinate. He always prepares and works hard at making sure he takes good care of all the things God has given him, including the axe. Don’t live your life with a dull blade. Ask God to give you the strength to do your best in all you do.

1.) For adults: What “tools” in your life have become dull?  For kids: What chores or tasks are you asked to do that you could work on a little harder?

2.) Today, we have “power tools” that we use to sharpen our blades. For adults: What things can you do to sharpen the “axes” in your life?   For kids: What is something you can do to take better care of your things God has given you?

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