Catching Fire


Children, obey your parents in the Lord: for this is right. Honour thy father and mother; (which is the first commandment with promiseThat it may be well with thee, and thou mayest live long on the earth. Ephesians 6:1-3

Hundreds of miles away from Florida is a state called Wyoming. In this state, it is not abnormal to see an abundance of antelope and coyote freely roaming the hills and plains. Figurines and pictures of Cowboys and Indians litter the store shelves and cowboy boots are a must as the state is known for its cattle rustling.

As far as the eye can see are large mountains with snowy tips. The plains are loaded with grasslands which allows for a lot of wildfires.  Lightning can easily start these fires and once the fires begin, they can be very hard to put out especially since it is not uncommon for Wyoming to have almost 60 mph winds. The plains show the lasting effects of a fire damaged land. 

Fires are not just a huge problem in the northwest. Even in the Bible, God uses fire to get our attention. With Moses, God used a burning bush to capture the attention of Moses. God required a fire anytime that he asked for a sacrifice to be made requesting forgiveness. God used a pillar of fire to lead the Israelites away from captivity in Egypt. It is interesting that fire is not always a bad thing. Sometimes it can be a warning of danger. 

Have you ever touched a flame? It burns your hands. This is a reminder to us of the danger fire and temptation can be. We are taught not to play with matches at a very young age and this is only to help us. What are other fires in our lives that we are warned about, but dont obey? Do we do things that we are told not to do and disregard the warning? God tells us to obey our parents and follow His Word, but many times things happen (like lightning) and we reach out and get burned.

We need to heed the warning signals. We need to evacuate, but instead we occupy a burning land. We disregard all warning signals, the smoke, and we head right into the fire. God tells us to run from temptation, to obey our parents, and to live for God. Our enthusiasm for Jesus should spread like wildfire to everyone we meet. We are not to be consumed by fire, we are to spread God’s love like wildfire. We are to be a symbol of obedience to God and our parents so that others see us and want to do the same. We should be like smoke that people can see from miles away and spread the Good News to all those who happen to be looking. We should always choose the right thing to do and remember that God is with us in every step we take. Even in such a far away land such as Wyoming, where the coyotes prey at night and the owls hide high in the trees, God is there. Even with the fires are blazing across the plains, God is still there. 

Dont ignore the warning signs God sends in your life. We need to plant the fire of love for God in the hearts of others, so that God’s love begins catching fire to all those around us. We may never see the end result, but this is what God calls us to do. 

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