Crazy Makers

“A fool is quick-tempered, but a wise person stays calm when insulted.” Pr. 12:16 (NLT)

“It is better to be patient than powerful; it is better to have self-control than to conquer a city.” Pr. 16:32 (NLT)

“A fool gives full vent to anger, but a wise person quietly holds it back.” Pr. 29:11 (NLT)

Studies have shown that the number one predictor of happiness is the relationships in our life. Many of us sabotage these relationships because we have not learned the importance of silence when dealing with crazy makers. Many of us lash out in anger when things do not go our way. This is a “machine gun” type anger that we mistakenly think is a healthy release of anger. Anytime we lose our temper, we lose! Anger is contagious and is never the answer during a disagreement.

Others react as “Mutes” in an argument, and clam up until they make themselves sick. Others express their anger as “Martyrs” claiming “I should have..”, “I ought to have.. “, and “I must”. This type of anger is symbolic of constant “pity parties” and creates an illusion that the angry person is a “victim” in every catastrophe. The last type of anger expression is the “Manipulators”. These type of people do not have the courage to tell others how they really feel and so they continue to pick and make comments to others that are hurtful.

These are all learned behaviors and can be unlearned. To be a true witness for Christ, we must learn to “speak less”, bite our tongues, and look past people’s words to their pain when they are criticizing us.

An example was once given that we are like a tube of toothpaste. When we are squeezed, what is truly in our heart comes out of us. Let us work hard this week to think before we speak.

1.) What type of anger expression do you have? Machine Gun, Mute, Martyr, or Manipulator?

2.) What does this sentence mean: When I lose my temper, I lose?

3.) What ways might you respond to someone in your life who lashes out toward you in anger?

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