Desert Quest:Led By the Wanted

Why would God choose a wanted fugitive, a probable “top 10” wanted homicide suspect, to save the nation of Israel? In that day, the Egyptian homicide unit would have been set to task. This would have been an elite team or special forces unit assignment since a son of Pharoah had committed an egregious offense, killing a fellow Egyptian who was brutally beating a Hebrew slave. Self defense? Nancy Grace would have torn him apart. TMZ would have scored an interview. Social media littered with photos of Moses, the adopted son of Pharoah, fallen from grace. He was on the run. The desert became his refuge. And then.. a talking burning bush seemed to change everything. The Huffington Post would scream “mental illness in the desert”. Psychiatry experts and the like would line up before the cameras. This man bound for chains as the world would demand justice. and just as Court TV would sign the contract and Vibe accounts would set up secret protest spots across the country.. God intervened. I choose you Moses.

Who me? I stutter? I can’t speak. Moses would fall on his face.. I’m a murderer. I have fallen from grace. A rising star to a fallen star. But God uses fallen stars. He would send this wanted fugitive front row to royalty to make the request to let his people go.. to set the captives free. The world was watching. How could a convict walk into the palace and even survive? With God.. no one is useless. He uses the downtrodden, the depressed, the broken, the fallen star. Why would God choose to use a murderer? To show God’s power. He isn’t looking for the perfect.. He is looking for potential.. and that is exactly what he saw in a broken Moses.

Moses walked into the palace and after several requests along with locusts, frogs, water turning to blood, and other signs from God… Pharoah finally consented and let all the Israelite slaves leave Egypt after almost 400 years of bondage.. and God used a “chief among sinners” to lead the quest. The Desert Quest.

Thousands of men, women, and children walked out of Egypt.. and the city lights… and walked out of slavery.. to be front and center to the shores of the Red Sea. With Pharoah and his army chasing after them.. another wall… The people began to doubt Moses.. began to doubt God. At least in Egypt they had bread, a roof over their head, the known. Now they had to what.. build a raft?.. a boat like Noah’s? But God had better plans. He made the sea.. so he split it in two. THe Israelites walked across the water’s floor in awe.. If God can split the Red Sea for a people who doubt.. Why do we doubt his direction in our lives? Why do we count people out because of their former sins? Why do we not trust those that God puts in our lives? Why do we complain when we fall upon the shores of a Red Sea and forget the awe of his power?

Only two of the Israelites would make it out in the end. After years in the desert, only two of this huge crowd would ever see the promised land? Why? Because it was so easy to believe the headlines of the TMZ of Israel. Moses was a fool. God forgets about us. He led us into the desert to die. Doubt. Questions, Why are we here? Why must we be in the desert and leave the “city lights”. Because of their blindness to God’s power and their doubt of God’s true purpose in their lives, the people who were front row to God’s grace, turned their back and rejected him. This is an egregious act to God. When you see His power in your life, but reject it. They spent their lives wandering in the desert. Moses would sit back and watch his countrymen defy the God that set them free. He too would never leave the desert. He, the leader, would find himself only getting a glimpse of what His true purpose had been. Not because God did not love Moses, but because Moses loved Moses more than he loved God. Moses always struggled with his anger, and because of it he lost his opportunity. God is forgiving but He also loves us enough to discipline us and hand out judgement and consequences for our actions.

Today, as we walk through our desert, may we never forget the “Red Seas” and the bondage God has freed us from. May we never lose hope that we will one day enter “the promised land”. May we stop whining and complaining because we are hungry and do not have the luxuries everyone else appears to have. May we understand our true purpose and live it out so that we can one day receive the promise God has for each and everyone of us. May we seek out the broken and empower them to become rising stars once again. May we thank God for His rescue and His grace, silence our lips, our opinions, and make our “Desert Quest” a life-changing experience that we thank God for, even in the prison cells of our darkest hearts.

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