Experience Not Required

Armed with a fishing pole for the first time, the 10-year-old boy scanned the dark waters of the lake. As the wind pushed the waves away from the dock, thoughts of alligators and fish with teeth echoed in his head. He grabbed the silver pole with a weight too big for the short line, and watched as it was cast into the dark waters. Within minutes, he yelled that something grabbed his hook. Forgetting the short lesson on the art of reeling the line, he yelled for help. With a little help on reeling the hook, a small fish was caught by a boy with no experience in fishing.

A 9 week old puppy sat on the carpeted floor of her new home. Her first day was a big one. With her mom gone for the first day, she searched the eyes of those around her looking for love. A small tennis ball rolled on the floor. She had never seen a ball, yet she chased it, grabbed it, and brought it back to her new owner. A puppy with no experience in chasing a ball had caught it and ran it back.

Everything made by God has an instinct. Even with no practice, no experience, we can still do the unthinkable. Birds create amazing nests that experienced artists could never make. Puppies chase balls, spiders create webs, ants build a compound,  bees make hives, humans catch fish.

The possibilities are endless on what God gifts each and every one of us with. But do we use our talents or waste them worrying because we lack experience? David would one day be a king, but first he had to be a shepherd. What experience would he have in war on a pasture? How would he live in a palace, if his job as a youth involved herding sheep? David had no military experience when he entered his first war zone. With only a stone and a sling, he faced his first giant. He had learned to use that slingshot on lions and bears when they chased his father’s sheep, but this was different. David did not sit on the bench because of his lacking. Instead he entered the battlefield with no armor and trusted God to fell his giant. David the shepherd boy became David the giant slayer.

Don’t let your fears dictate your actions. Dont miss out on slaying a giant because you don’t have enough experience. God can use a small boy to school a giant, to catch a fish, to feed 5,000, and to serve God. You are never to young to be used. You are never to old to sit on the sidelines.

Psalm 94:19 “When doubts filled my mind, your comfort gave me renewed hope and cheer.”

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