Father Knows Best

John 6:66 “After this many of his disciples turned back and no longer walked with him”.

Many people have been rejected by their fathers. Some never met their father. Recently, during the Miss USA pageant, Miss Pennsylvania revealed to the world that she was the product of a brutal attack on her mother. Her real father was never caught or identified. She wondered what he would think knowing that she turned out to be the state’s chosen beauty queen. Some of us have amazing fathers who have loved and affirmed us, while others have fathers who have disappointed them their entire lives. Such are the descriptions of the fathers of 2014. 

Jesus had an earthly man he called his father named “Joseph”, but Jesus true father was God. Jesus was the only man on earth to ever do every single thing his father asked him to do. He never spoke, acted, jumped, ate, anything without consulting his Father. Such is what happens in John 6. Here we find Jesus feeds 5,000 people. He also walks on water. Two huge miracles that one would think would bring him instant fame and fortune. But it’s one of His lessons that he preaches to the crowd in the temple that causes his own hometown and friends to walk away from HIm. 

In His message, Jesus tells the crowd that He is the bread of life. He was using a parable, but many were confused at what he was talking about. His message was not popular and He told the crowds that the only way to have eternal life was through His Father, God. The crowd believed that their actions alone would lead them to heaven and did not agree nor want to believe the words Jesus said. So one by one, they walked away.

Sometimes, our fathers ask us to do hard things. They give us advice and we don’t listen. They give us orders and we disobey. We are ungrateful for the lessons they taught us and take them for granted. We need to obey our earthly fathers. We need to forgive them for mistakes as no one is perfect. Most importantly, we should live each day only saying and doing what our heavenly Father tells us to do. This will be a much better life. We may be rejected in the process, but no world cup can even compare to the awards that await us in heaven for following His will. 

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