Game of Thrones

King Josiah was 8 years old when he became king of Judah.  He had a scribe (assistant) named Shaphan whom he asked to find the Books of the Law (God’s Word). and read it to him. During this time, God sent a message to the king that he was going to bring great punishment to Israel and Judah because they were copying other godless countries around them and burning incense to false gods instead of worshiping Him. This infuriated God because He desires all of our worship. Israel and Judah were copying the ways of the culture and thought God was not even looking at what they were doing, but they were wrong. God advised that he would severely punish His people for rejecting them, but King Josiah fell on his knees and begged God to forgive the people. He and Shaphan then went across the country and destroyed all the false gods and worshipers and removed every one of them from the country. This pleased God and he promised King Josiah that he would not see the destruction of his country in his lifetime.

Jaazaniah was the son of Shaphan. He most likely watched his father help the king destroy everyone of these idols. However, in the book of Ezekiel, God shows Ezekiel a vision of Jaazaniah standing in a secret chamber of the temple worshipping false gods. How could this man go so against what his father had taught him that he would assist in such a degrading act of bringing ifalse gods into a holy temple. Jaazaniah and his people said “For the Lord does not see us, the Lord has forsaken the Land” (Ezekel 8:12). TThey blamed their idol worship, their sin, on God and believed the lie of Satan that God did not see them. 

How many of us have taken things in our own hands and let the culture around us decide what is right and what is wrong. Many times people think God has forgotten us, but it is really us who are running away from God. We find ourselves desecrating the temple of God. We think we are in secret and God isn’t looking, but He always is. Widespread idolatry is not just a problem in Ezekiel and King Josiah’s time. It is a problem now. 

We have to be careful not to let the culture saturate us. We can all name 25 celebrities and sports heroes, but how many of us can recite 25 Bible verses from memory. We are a people hungry to be like everyone else, yet we have got to be a watchman for the hurting people around us to warn about the judgement of God. It is not always a pretty message tied up in a bow. It is not pleasing to the ears or appetizing to the masses, but it is a message nonetheless that we all have a choice to make. We need to be listeners to God’s urging to go and spread the good news of His coming and his gift to humanity”. Run from the secret rooms and ask God for help to open the doors of opportunity. What we have is a daily battle between good and evil with both sides pulling for our worship. Both want us to bow. It is a “game of thrones”. Who will we worship and which one will win our allegiance?

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