Germs and Jesus

Then Jesus told him, “You believe because you have seen me. Blessed are those who believe without seeing me.” John 20:29


Can you see gravity? Probably not. But we can see what happens in space when gravity is not present and astronauts float around. We can’t see gravity, but we can see how gravity gives weight to physical objects causing them and us to be able to sit and walk rather than float. Bummer! How about magnets? Can you see how magnetism works. Magnets bring two metal objects together. Why are some metals magnetic and other metals are not? We cannot truly see it to understand it.

What about time? We can’t see it directly, but we count on it. We watch it. We depend on time to get out of school, go to our friends house, watch our favorite cartoons. Time is important, but who has really seen time? We can see clocks, but not the actual time that watches day turn to night. Sometimes when we are bored, time seems to stand still. However, when we are having a great time at a park, time flies by.

Love is something else we cannot see. We love our mothers and fathers and they love us, but who has seen love? Yet babies need it to survive. People seem to shrivel up when they do not have love. It is so essential in life to feel loved, but no one has seen love. We just see the effects of love. We also can’t see television waves, wireless waves, or sound waves. These things enable us to have cell phones and other electronic devices that work and function. Yet we cannot see how it all works. We also cannot see thoughts, but we know that they are there. Good and bad ones.

Why then do we struggle because we cannot see Jesus? Why then do people not believe in God because they do not see Him? We believe in all these things that we cannot see. People just do not want to believe in a God they cannot see. God blesses those who believe in Him even though they cannot see Him.

A little boy was once made to go wash up before supper. He was irritated and mumbled “Germs and Jesus. Germs and Jesus. That’s all I ever hear around this house, and I’ve never seen either one.” What do you think? Do you believe in Jesus whom you cannot see?


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