God’s Beauty Tips

“Your fame went out among the nations because of your beauty, for it was perfect through My splendor which I bestowed on you,” says the Lord God. Ezekiel 16:14

The nation of Israel had become so great, beautiful, wealthy, and powerful. They were a very blessed nation… but… God’s purpose for giving this nation all these things was for them to point all the surrounding nations to Him. Yet instead of fulfilling their purpose and being fruitful, Israel forgot about God and instead became dependent on their looks and abilities.

All the surrounding nations envied Israel, yet Israel was yet to be satisfied. They wanted more. As Al Pacino says in ScarFace after he became a billionaire drug lord with all the money and power he could ask for, “Is this all there is?”.

Overtime as Isreal’s beauty began to fade because of her impure devotion to the Lord, Israel began to scramble for ways to recapture it. Rather than repent and return to the Lord, she looked for other avenues. In an effort to ensure her continued abundance, the nation of Israel began to adopt the religious practices of surrounding nations which first and foremost included the worship of pagan gods. Sin is progressive and soon this country began sacrificing their own sons in a fire to worship their false god Baal. (by Renee Swope “Ezekiel”)

The people of Israel forgot that the acceptance of sin precedes the practice of sin. They began to let false idols into their homes and places of worship. They began praying to Baal, the god of fertility,to make the land, animals, and humans fertile. This was such an insult to God, as they were to pray to Him and not a handmade statute.

God’s punishment was voiced by Ezekiel. If the nation of Israel would refuse to fulfill her purpose in drawing the pagan nations to the Lord by her beauty, then God would draw the nations to an understanding of His power through her punishment.

Like Israel, if we don’t fulfill our purpose, God may use our punishment for His purpose to bring others to Him. Do not fall for false substitutes or anything in your life that replaces your relationship with God. Don’t flaunt your wealth or beauty, but use it to attract all those around you to the love of Christ. Don’t seduce those around you to sin. Don’t ignore or make fun of the poor and the needy. Get up and work, an “abundance of idleness” leads to sin. Just as women do not forget to apply their makeup every day before leaving home, do not forget the purpose God has for you on the daily. We are not here to flaunt our beauty, but to promote the Savior. This is the best “beauty tip” you will ever receive, yet no magazine in the country would feature it because mainstream media believes that “maybe she’s born with it” or “maybe its maybelline”.

Beauty, fame, power… These will never fulfill you. Remember who made you beautiful. When you do, your beauty will grow stronger. Finally, listen to God’s cry for His people’s heart. This includes you

“That I may seize the house of Israel by their heart, because they are all estranged from Me by their idols”. (Ezekiel 14:5″) What or who do you worship?

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