Hop Sing Hop


He will not fight or shout or raise his voice in public. He will not crush the weakest reed or put out a flickering candle. Finally he will cause justice to be victorious. And his name will be the hope of all the world.” Matthew 12:19-21 NLT

Miss Brenda was a special woman who had her own secret names for people, animals, and things. She called dogs “hop sing hop” and she called tablets “books”. When she was aggravated, she would shout “Kim”, but when she laughed, it seemed like the whole world laughed with her. Last Sunday, Miss Brenda went to heaven. The day of her funeral, the rain poured from the sky. The pastor said it reminded him of God’s tears falling for Miss Brenda. It was a sad day, but it was a day of rejoicing for Miss Brenda. For now, she could run and jump which was not something she ever had the privilege of doing on earth since she was handicapped since birth. 

Sometimes we pray so hard for someone to heal. We ask God to bring our loved one back to us when they are in pain. We read in the Bible the many miracles Jesus did. Jesus did not sit around and watch the world fall apart while he was on earth. No, Jesus was always out seeking the hurting. He was on a constant mission looking to heal the mentally ill and diseased people He encountered daily. Jesus understood humanity as He was one of us. He did not crawl in a hole with a good book, or spend hours on social media following the latest trends. Jesus set the trends. He rebuked the status quo and stood up against evil people who tried to trick Him. Jesus told the religious leaders who scolded him for healing on a Sunday that they made up man made rules, yet failed to send money to their own relatives who were in need. Jesus told them they were missing the mark. They were making up their own rules and trying to live up to standards set by themselves. Jesus told them to look around at all the lost sheep wandering alone without a shepherd. 

Jesus used parables to tell stories because He knew only those who truly sought the truth would understand them. Jesus loved using parables about farming and plants. He encouraged his audience to plant seeds all around them and to grow in the Lord. Jesus also said “you have not because you ask not.” 

Though we prayed and asked God many times last week to heal Miss Brenda, God chose to bring her with Him. This was not our plan, but God’s plan is so much greater than ours. He has the power to take something really bad, and use it as good. Miss Brenda touched the lives of all those who met her. Jesus chose not to heal Miss Brenda which He had the power to do, but we must trust His decision and always carry the wonderful memories she left with all of us. Remember, God loved Miss Brenda so much that he died on the cross for her and rose again so that one day, she too, could join Him in heaven. That is exactly what she did and we are so grateful for the time we had with her.

Miss Brenda loved Blue birds, she loved sitting on the porch, she loved the park, she loved her mom, she loved her “book”, she loved Smokey and the Bandit, she loved YouTube, and she loved Jesus. Jesus, the only true Hope of the World, loved Miss Brenda. And now Brenda can Hop.. Sing.. Hop.. in His presence. One day, may we all join her in celebrating life and the sacrifice of our Savior.

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