It’s Not About The Building!!!!

The pastor in Hebrews must have had a confused congregation. The message was Messianic, but negated social norms. Some may have headlined his speech as heresy, but he backed up his sermon with an Old Testsment bang. Everyone was looking at the death of Jesus all wrong. The world continued to spin, Christians continued to pilgrim to the temple for confession, and Old Testament law was still enforced. Nothing had seemed to change. What they didn’t know was that everything had changed. The message was raw. Jesus’s death replaced the tabernacle, the temple, the veil, the day of atonement, and animal sacrifices. All those “rituals” were no longer necessary. We can now boldly enter the “holy of holies”. We can now storm the temple gates to the presence of our Savior. We no longer need the guards, the priests, and the pomp and circumstance. It was all over. We no longer need a human priest to intervene. We no longer need a mobile tabernacle or stone temple to bring our confessions.

To use a modern example. If we were to walk to the gates of the White House to provide a message to the president (POTUS), we would need an intermediary. We do not have the clearance or the power to enter that building on our own. This was similar to the temple. Humans, nor even priests, could enter the Holy of Holies” without clearance. The veil or curtain, symbolically and realistically, separated us from God. When Jesus died on the cross, that curtain ripped in two making everyone of us immediately accessible to the holiest of holies. With that one act, every human being was given the proper security clearance to enter the throne of grace.

In the Old Testament, a death sentence was enacted for any priest or person who entered the holy of holies except one day a year, on the Day of Atonement. However, when Christ made that perfect sacrifice, it wiped out the need for human intervention. Jesus immediately became the cure, the balm, the sacraficial lamb, the atonement that humankind needed all along for grace, mercy, and forgiveness.

It’s not about the building, it’s all about the Builder. It’s not about the rituals, it’s all about the cross.

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