Jesus Loves “Scum”

Jesus answered them, “Healthy people dont need a doctor -sick people do.’ I have come not to call those who think they re righteous, but those who know they are sinners and need to repent.” Luke 5:31-32

Jesus was accused of hanging out with scum. So said the Pharisees, and that is exactly when he quoted the above verse. In that day, the world looked at Jesus’s entourage as scum, but Jesus saw them as potential repenters. He saw their hearts.

In a society, divided by race, government, gender, and beliefs, who would today’s religious elite consider as scum? Maybe the common thief, maybe a crooked politician, maybe a fallen cop, maybe a prostitute, a human trafficker, a john, a drug user. Would these be the types of people we would find Jesus ministering to today? Are these people sick? Are these people capable of repentence? If so, then yes.

Are we to busy, to caught up in ministry or “good things” that we overlook the “scum”? From the detective looking across the table at a child abuser, to the nurse pumping the drug addicts stomach for the 10th time, are these people the very ones we are called to introduce to the Great Physician. More valuable than Morphine or a “get out of jail free card” is the healing hands of the greatest Doctor that ever set foot on earth. We sometimes pick and choose whom we deem worthy, but its not our call.

We may have missed so many opportunities because we evaluated hastily who we call “scum”. What the Pharisees ruled out immediately, God saw as great potentials. Human failures with viral implications, Christ found as worthy, because He saw much deeper than surface level. He conducted a complete examination and his results were shocking. These “scumbags” scored higher than many of the righteous.

Jesus gave an example of who would be more thankful, a person forgiven of 500 pieces of silver or a person forgiven of 50 pieces of silver. Of course the more debt forgiven, the more grateful one would be. The same goes wth sin. Those who have been forgiven of great sin show great love, regret, and thankfulness. This is when Jesus says “A person who is forgiven little shows only little love”. (Luke 7:47)

As we journey through life, may we earnestly seek out the “scum” in our own life, take off the religious blinders, and never be to busy to miss out on an opportunity to bring the sick to the best doctor in town, Jesus.

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