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“If a man is righteous and does what is just and right. walks in my statutes, and keeps my rules by acting faithfully—he is righteous; he shall surely live, declares the Lord God. If he fathers a son who is violent, a shedder of blood, who does any of these things (though he himself did none of these things), who even eats upon the mountains, defiles his neighbor’s wife, oppresses the poor and needy, commits robbery, does not restore the pledge, lifts up his eyes to the idols, commits abomination, lends at interest, and takes profit; shall he then live? He shall not live. He has done all these abominations; he shall surely die; his blood shall be upon himself.” Ezekiel 18:5,9, 10-13

When it comes to heaven, there are no free passes. We don’t get “in” with God on anybody else’s ticket. Growing up in a christian family or just going to church will not get you to heaven. We must each individually choose to ask Jesus in our heart. Many great men and women of God have had children that have run away from God. God waits up every night for these sons and daughters to come back to him.

Ezekiel gives us a description of what a righteous person looks like.Think of which ones of these are easiest for you.

-Does what is right -Doesn’t worship idols (can be music, tv, people, money) -Worships God alone -Pays back anyone he borrows from -Gives food to the hungry -Clothes the naked -Lends freely to those in need -Judges fairly -Keeps himself from evil -Follows God’s decrees -Faithfully keeps God’s laws

Which one of these is hardest for you to do? It is hard for us to consider ourselves as truly “righteous” when we take a hard look at this list, because we all fall short. I can’t assume that if I had a parent who did all of these things, that I, as their child, would always follow their exact footsteps. There is hope though that even if someone has a child that has nothing to do with the Lord, it does not mean that their children will also not follow the Lord. There is still hope for their generation as God gives each of us the ability to choose.

Make sure today that you have accepted Christ into your heart and don’t fall for the trap that because you are a “good person” that goes to church that you deserve heaven. Also, don’t think you are going to heaven because you had God-fearing parents. You don’t get to heaven on their works. You only deserve heaven when you look into your heart and realize how unworthy you truly are. Romans 6:23 says “For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life through jesus Christ our Lord.” Jesus is the only way to heaven. He paid such a price for you. Do not reject his gift. We do not want to hear in the end “Im sorry, no reservation can be found”.

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