Our Faith is Far More Precious Than Our “Dolls”

Little Mickey considers her American Girl Doll to be precious. She carefully brushes her hair, grooms her, clothes her in the latest fashion, and gently places her beside her every night as she falls asleep. She once visited an American Girl Store in New York City that had five floors full of clothes, accessories, and groomers prepared to cut the dolls hair, fix any blemishes, and provide fashion expertise. These expensive dolls are viewed to many, like Mickey, as precious.

Peter, a disciple of Jesus, never heard of American Girl Dolls. He believed something else was very precious, and he repeated it several times in the short book of 2 Peter. He believed his faith in Jesus was precious. He called Jesus’s promises precious. His book was a reminder for us to Be Alert in a world fixated on dolls and fashion. Just as Mickey grooms her doll, so we should, “groom” our faith.

Our faith should not be “taken out of a shopping bag or box”, and thrown in the back of our closets. Oh no! We are to be just as diligent in growing our faith in Jesus as we are in grooming our “things”. We are not to hide in the dark. Peter says of God’s Word (the Bible) “You will do well to pay attention to it, because it is like a lamp shining in a dark place until the Day dawns and the light of the morning star shines in your hearts”. (2 Peter 1:19 GNB). Our faith should lead us every day and every night!

What are 7 things that you take care of or “groom” every day? It can be a puppy, charging your phone, practicing the piano, brushing your dolls hair, watching your favorite show. List your seven things here: ____________, ___________, ____________, ___________, ____________, ____________, and __________.

What does 2 Peter 1:5-7 say are 7 things that you should groom in your life or add to your faith?  ________________, _______________, _______________, ________________, ________________, _______________, and _______________.

What does 2 Peter 1:9 call those who lack don’t do those things listed above? ____________________

What would we be like if we were as faithful to “charge” our faith each day as we are to charge our phones and tablets? What would we look like if we were to treat our faith and BIble as important and precious as we do our dolls and electronics? Does our lives revolve around our faith? Or do we only “charge” it once a week in Sunday School and church? Our faith is so precious. Jesus death on the cross is the single most kindest act anyone will ever do for you. Instead of honoring Jesus every day, we lay down every night and hug a doll that will never do one single thing for us. The truth is, our faith is far more precious than our dolls.

Do not be short-sighted or blinded by things that distract your from your faith! Be Alert!

Answers for question 1: Virtue, knowledge, self-control, perseverance, godliness, brotherly kindness, love

Answer for question 2: shortsightedness

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