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As quickly as it surfaced in the 21st Century, Pokemon Go made quite the introduction influencing children, teens,and adults across the globe to exit their homes, and pour into the streets. Folks who rarely left their homes, now scattering into parks, malls, churches, and coffee shops to play a simple game. Businesses boomed. For several weeks, a Pikatchu was on every news channel. Folks searching frantically for Pokestops found bodies, fell off cliffs, wrecked, but mostly walked, hoping for an Aerodactyl, or some rare pokemon, only found in uncommon places. While the rest of us looked around at mindless bodies walking and staring at their phones, we just scratched our heads. The world met face to face with augmented reality and Ingress, and loved them both. Truly, Pokemon Go will change the world in so many ways, if not already.

Unless you were raised playing Pokemon Go, you learned this month that “weedles” and “rattatas” are everywhere; while Bulbasaurs are a rare find.  This leads us to look for some important Pokestops in the Bible. What is a rare find considered in this amazing book? The book of Proverbs says “Gold there is, and rubies in abundance, but lips that speak knowledge are a rare jewel.” (Prov 20:15) Lips that speak knowledge are “wise words”. Words that are thought through before spoken. Just like “weedles”, many times we pop out of nowhere, only to harm another with words that leave us empty-handed. We sometimes hurl “balls” at our family and friends, instead of saving them for the true enemy that lurks behind every hurtful word.

Satan creates “lure modules” where he sits and waits for us to erupt in anger. He banks on the fact that we are all sinners and his job is not done until he has made us feel worthless to God. If he can break us, then we are no match for the mighty monsters we have to fight. In Pokemon, the greatest battles occur in gyms. These our unsuspecting locations set up world wide, geo layered by some brilliant tech, most likely with Niantic Labs. The gyms are where users hurl every Pokemon they have in order to conquer the gym for their team. Once you have conquered the gym, you are then subject to attack at all times and must defend the gym. This is so true in life, as once the battles in life begin, once we start becoming faithful to God, Satan begins hurling everything he has at us. We are constantly alert and defending ourselves from the stresses in life that are hurled our way. The gyms remain open all day and all night, and we can become exhausted from fighting battles. Hebrews 10:23 says “Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering, for He who promised is faithful”.

We are not alone. We have a mighty Savior who is not afraid to take on a “monster in the gym”. With that in mind, let us thank God for loving us though we may be “weedles”. Thank Him for loving us when we are “monsters”. We hurl balls at His name, yet he comes back for more. He never throws them back. To Him, our names our precious. We have such a good God who watches the world follow Pokeman Go, yet won’t follow Him. Even still, he loves us despite us.

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