Prayer and Jailbreak

Sometimes our current circumstances seem almost unbearable. Such was true for the apostle Peter. He found himself hiding during Jesus’s crucifixion even though he had boasted that he would never deny his Savior. He failed miserably. Instead of crawling into bed and taking medications to soothe his failure in life, Peter faced his denial head on and let it become the catapult to a different life. Peter did not let this failure keep him down and what a failure it seemed to be. What most people never seem to see, is that sometimes failure can build the bridge needed to take the next step into great success. Peter became an evangelist of sorts and thousands were introduced to a Savior they had never met.

Peter’s success in spreading the gospel may have appeared to be short lived. King Herod began to execute Christians and to Peter’s surprise, his fellow disciple was put to death for telling others about Jesus. This was Peter’s chance to fail again and go into hiding like he had before. Peter faced this decision, but was not about to fail again. Instead, he continued to preach and was thrown into prison. Peter’s case was likely to be a death penalty sentence and Im sure those thoughts crossed his mind.

Nearby, all of Peter’s friends and the church began to pray. They prayed so long and hard that they were surprised when they heard a knock at the door. A servant named Rhoda answered the door and saw Peter standing there. She left Peter at the door and ran and told the others. No one could believe it, but finally they let Peter in. How did he escape? Was there a jailbreak? Peter explained that an angel of the Lord had entered this prison and set him free. They waltzed past many guards and escaped unfazed. The friends were astonished. Did they really think their prayers would be answered, because when they saw it, they could barely believe the miracle had truly happened. 

Sometimes when we pray, we cannot begin to fathom the true extent of God’s power. We limit Him to our own vision of freedom, but he has so much more in store for us. God’s vision for Peter was not a public trial, but of freedom from the earthly chains that bound him to a dungeon floor. Our justice system is not too big for God, neither is an earthly king whose power is only given by God. You may have your own prison, an addiction or a trial that seems to have no escape. Prayer has the power to break chains. It can restore freedom and provide opportunities that once seemed impossible. Do not limit the power of prayer and a jail break, because God is not bound to earthly probabilities. He is our only judge who longs to give you an escape route from your current prison. #ExpectMiracles

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