Slapstick Figures in a Moral Circus


Slapstick is a style of humor in which the actor exaggerates physical activity which exceeds the boundaries of common sense. Charlie Chaplin was a great example of slapstick comedy as well as the 3 Stooges. In “The Circus” a Charlie Chaplin movie from 1928 (sourced below), Charlie Chaplin accidentally runs into a lions cage and gets locked in. The lion is sleeping, but Chaplin acts a fool as he does not simply just walk out the door.

It is interesting that bullies are considered as foolish as Charlie Chaplin is locking himself into a lions cage. Bullies actually do lock themselves in cages. They take a sword and literally cut to shred any future relationship they may have with their victims. Will the victim ever forgive a person who bullies them? Instead of looking for opportunities to be a blessing, a bully chooses instead to beat up the harmless. The words “beating up” can be used with the tongue, not just fists. Have you ever “beat up” someone with your words? How often do you club someone in the head with a cruel word or guesture? Do you look like a fool by refusing to filter your speech? How about in traffic?

Bullies let their words fly right out of their mouth like a bow and arrow, with no self-control. They “mug” the kind victim, whom they do not even know, with their cruel speech or judging eyes. These bullies eventually will slip and fall flat on their faces. All of their comedy played over and over for the world to watch their foolery. This could be via Vine, YouTube, or IG. We should consider this question “what if the cruel words I said to someone were recorded and went viral”? Is that my true self or is that a part of me that I let run wild. No one is above being a “bully”.

This world is a circus, complete with clowns, trapeze acts, wild animals, and thats just on Monday morning. The morals of  today’s world circus is a laugh. There is hardly any shred of morals left in this country. Divorce is almost more common than marriage. Shows about polygamy and “sister wives” litter the cable lineup. The standard for sex out of marriage and affairs are showcased in bestsellers and movie blockbusters. The world has little morals at all. Yet the bully.. is the slapstick figure in a moral circus. Guard your heart and your words. Be an encourager and love those around you. Stop being a bully!


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