Softball Wars

The first inning appeared to be telling. The visitor’s team struck out quite quickly and found themselves running to their place in the field. The home team up to bat. Two runs right off the bat and the board reads 2 to nothing. The visiting team finally gets their chance to bat and the pressure of a win looms largely on their shoulders. How would they pull off a win with such a rough start?

The fans cheered them on, but the players felt the pressure. Stress and humidity permeated the visiting team. Muffled cheers were heard sporatically. “Strike” and “Your Out! rolled off the umpires tongue. Heads fell and bats tossed.

Then amidst the heat and the quick paced ticking of the clock, a player slides to base. SAFE. The fans roar with cheers and with that single word, a game-changer emerges. The hopes are lifted on the visiting team. The impossible doesnt seem that far away. Innings later, the visiting team clutches the victory and all is well.

Isnt that a great analogy of life? We have a rough morning, a rough week, a bad day. All seems hopeless. We lose a job. We are defeated. We lose a friend. We feel unloved. We have a breakdown. We fail a test. Is this the end? For some, they let the score determine their fate and never decide to run back to the field. To avoid failure, they pack up their glove and bat and never fight for the win. They miss their homerun becaue they let the scoreboard dictate their future. They do not have eyes that see or ears that hear. They do not see that even in defeat, God can use the unfortunate, a loss, a failure, and turn it into something beautiful – a win.

God loves us so much, yet we try to go each day without his input. We dont check in with him or shoot him a text or call. We may read a verse, say a prayer before dinner, but we have no relationship. We only run to him when we are losing, yet ignore Him during our wins. No matter the rejection, He always stays with us. He is ever looking to fine tune our skills. He cheers us on daily and is our biggest fan. Yet, we blame Him for our losses. We are not winner because of us. We are all winners because of Him.

I Chronicles 29:12 “Wealth and honor come from you alone, for you rule over everything. Power and might are in your hand, and at your discretion people are made great and given strength.”

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