Soul Lessons in Sochi

Matthew 16:26 “And what do you benefit if you gain the whole world but lose your own soul? Is anything worth more than  your soul?” 

Shawn White grabbed his snow board and peered over the peak. He had a very steep mountain to endure. He had obstacles such as other snowboarders with more points on the board than he had. He had only two runs. The first run, he had made mistakes. This was due or die. This run could make him a gold medalist. He was, by any account, the king of his sport. He was the snowboarding master. Video games were named after him. But on February 11, 2014,  White fell on the half pipe as the entire world watched. Shawn White would leave the 2014 Sochi Olympics without a medal.

In all accounts, White would measure as a great success. He had endorsement contracts with Red Bull, Target, and other companies. He was an actor in several TV shows and plays guitar is in his own rock band.  White is also a professional skateboarder, who got a score of 100 in the Winter Games. To some standards, one would look at White and say that he had it all. 

No matter how good Shawn White is, he is far from perfect. On 02/11/14, Shawn White walked away from the Sochi half pipe in 4th place. The sport identified by him was no longer dominated by him. It was time for him to walk away. He was no longer at the top of his sport. The torch was passed.

All of the hundreds of hours White had practiced, came down to two single runs. These runs would define White’s performance for almost a lifetime. Lots of pressure. Over the years, White had appeared to “gain the whole world. He had fame, notoriety, money, power, prestige, and awe. In 2014, White walked away with nothing.

As we examine our lives, what is it that we want more than anything else in the world? Is this thing that we want worth giving up our soul? If not, guard yourself against anything that pits us against the will of God. He only wants best for us. He sees us sliding down the slopes of life, and catches us when we fall due to life’s slushy ice. He guides us to a path of forgiveness, and humility. He lets me fall so he can show me, so he can school me, so he can love me, so I can see Him. Don’t leave this earth without taking the time to find out where your best friends are going when they die. Ask today. Do not hesitate. God blesses those who share the good news.

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