Surfs Up

Spring break is finally here and what a great time to learn to surf. So this adventure appeared to me as i watched from the 8th floor as an unknown surfer walked from shore through the choppy waves for that seemingly perfect spot. For hours, I watched as the surfer would wait for the perfect wave, only to miss it or not be able to stand up. Fall, Fall, Slip/Fall, Miss, Miss, Miss. This went on for hours. Over time, the patient surfer would eventually be pushed out of the way of the greatest waves  back to shore and then have to walk all the way back against the wind and choppy waves to that perfect spot. It was almost unbearable to watch. I could see from my perspective the perfect wave coming their way, but they would miss it. Finally after about 3 hours in, the surfer jumped on their surfboard as the wave approached and rode the wave several feet to shore. They then gathered their surfboard and walked to shore. That’it it! All that for a small ride to shore?

Isn’t that so much like our lives? We find ourselves fighting against the choppy waves, spinning in circles, missing opportunities with family to work, fighting for success.. only to “ride the wave” one time and a very short distance. We sometimes sacrafice to much for that little ride. The small success that lasts only temporarily. We get that perfect picure, the perfect job, the perfect wave, but the high of success will  never bring lasting happiness. So we wade out to the waves, and begin it all over again. We fall, we miss the wave, we fall, we miss the wave.

Sometimes we find our purpose in life may just be fighting the waves, and never really surfing them. Along the way, we are to ask God for our true purpose. We will never be perfect at eveything we do. We are only called to follow God and seek him in every opportunity He gives us. He yearns for us to have a heart for Him and His true purpose for our lives. Dont get stuck in the choppy waves. As Karen Kingsbury quotes in her book “Angels Walking”, “You have to leave room for God’s grace, perfect is God’s job”.

Really! There’s no such thing as self-rescue, pulling yourself up by your bootstraps. The cost of rescue is beyond our means, and even then it doesn’t guarantee Life forever, or insurance against the Black Hole. Psalm 49:7-9

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