The Cheater’s Price

“Hell and destruction are never full; so the eyes of man are never satisfied”. Proverbs 27:20

Throughout his life, Lance Armstrong, a professional road-racing cyclist, had everything anyone could ever wish for. He won the “Tour de France” 7 consecutive times even after beating the odds of testicular cancer. He inspired the world and had sponsors like Nike that paid him $70 million a year. In the world’s eyes, Armstrong had it all. 

Armstrong was given many things in this life: money, athleticism, fame, and the power to inspire the world. He wasted it all in the choices he made. This week, Lance Armstrong admitted to the world that in all 7 races from 1999 to 2005, he cheated by using drugs.  Armstrong believed the myth that life was all about winning at any cost. He believed that because “everybody in the sport was doing it”, that made it ok. He failed to realize that “Dishonest money dwindles away, but he who gathers money little by little makes it grow” Prov 13:11.

He denied cheating for almost 13 years as the burden of indictment hung over him. He sued his former friends who turned on him and told the truth. He sneered at his critics and his lies spiraled out of control as they continued to build.

In the end he lost it all. He lost his title, his medals, his money, his shame, and the ability to ever compete in any race around the world. This is the consequence of sinning. Today, he claims that his punishment is too severe. He is a father who lied to his children, a husband who walked away from his wife, an athlete who only won due to cheating, and a self-admitted liar. Some people have called him a sociopath. What if he is just a man like all of us who have cheated our way to get ahead, lied to those we love, and disgraced ourselves by our sinful actions? We are all flawed and are all sinners. It is interesting to note that though Armstrong had it all, he was never satisfied. Until he falls at the feed of the Savior, and humbly repents of his sins, Armstrong will never find true satisfaction.

1.) Do you cheat your way through life?

2.) What have you lied about this week

3.) Are you a performer who is focused on power, possessions, and pleasure or do you seek integrity, humility, and generosity? 

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