THe Envy Trap

“Where you have envy and selfish ambition, there you find disorder and every evil practice”. James 3:16

As human beings, we were created and designed to appreciate beauty and all the unique variety of people created by God. We were hard wired for this. Satan corrupts this process with questions of “why arent you that talented”, “why did he get that job”, or “why does she get to live in that house”. Satan wants us to fall for the envy trap. This trap is hard to escape because out of it comes every other sin (murder, lying, stealing, etc). Envy causes disorder and wreaks havoc on our spirits.

Murder motivated by envy splashes our TV’s and newspapers daily, but is an age old problem. Cain killed his brother Abel because of envy, Joseph’s brothers sold him into slavery because of envy, King Saul attempted to kill David many times because of envy, and the relgious elite put Jesus to death because of envy.

Kids, dont compare yourself to others. God created only one you! You are so unique that not one person will ever exist that is exactly like you. If you would like to increase your own happiness, learn to rejoice and be thankful when other friends at school get awards or special recognition. We are all talented at different things. Whenever you are tempted to wish you had something a friend of yours have, start talking to God and telling Him how grateful and content you are with what all He has provided for you. In the end, you will be truly blessed. 

Remember we have grown up comparing everything: athletic ability, grades in school, talents, jobs, cars, houses, and etc. God calls comparisons foolish “When they measure themselves by themselves, they show how foolish they are.” 2 Corinthians 10:12.

I cannot fulfill God’s purpose for me if I am envying others. In what areas of my life do I most often compare myself with and envy others?

(Resource: “What On Earth Am I Here For: The Purpose Driven Life” by Rick Warren)

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