The Final Verdict

Psalm 71:24 “My tongue will tell of your righteous acts all day long, for those who wanted to harm me have been put to shame and confusion”. 

A year ago, I sat in court and listened to the charges being read. A judge in a black robe sat on the bench listening to both sides. Though the words given by the main witness were mostly lies, they were typed out and spoke in front of an entire courtroom as truth. Words cannot be taken back. Once we say them, the harm has already been done. God is bigger than any judges or courtroom. He knows the difference between truth and lies. In the end, God gives the final verdict.

God heard the witness who lied in court. He knew she had been untruthful. He also saw her heart and she eventually apologized to all those she had harmed. How many times do we use our tongues for evil? The Devil works very hard at convincing us to talk bad about others, speak lies, and be deceitful even in a court room. David wrote in the Psalms that even when those around us speak lies or harmful words to us, God will be our defender.

God is so faithful and will put to shame those who use their tongues to harm others. Christians need to use our tongues to talk about God to others. We need to praise Him for being in our corner, representing His children, and silencing our enemies.

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