The Greatest Gift

It is Christmas that first makes the absolute claims of Christ. Like the diagnosis of a doctor, every other religion says that good enough living will save us. Like a soul specialist, Christianity examines our hearts and says we are actually all terminal unless we take Christ -that it’s Jesus who saves us. We are not spared of all trials, but we are all spared of the trials that have no gifts. God always gives God. -Ann Voskamp

Jesus was the best gift the world ever received. It was not enough for Him to watch all of us from up above. He decided to come to earth in the form of a tiny baby. A helpless child. The One who created the entire world, entered it from a womb. A womb he created.

Instead of being born in one of the greatest medical facilities of the time, his birthplace was a barn in Bethlehem. Nobody tweeted, instagramed, shared a post, or broadcasted a live stream feed of the most miraculous event that would ever take place. Most everyone missed the miracle. God didn’t need social media. He used a star. A brilliant star. His birth announcement was not posted in the paper or the front cover of a magazine. God didn’t need magazines and TV. He used angels. Angels were the platform God used for communication and it was an angel that announced to some local shepherds of the birth of the Messiah.

Why wasn’t the present king of the country and his dignitaries invited? What about the rich, elite, prestigious, politicians of that day? Why were they left off the guest list? God did not wish for those to be in attendance. He wanted the blue collar shepherds, in the fields, to worship this great day. God’s guest list does not always match our guest list. He sees the operations of the heart and He chooses those humble shepherds instead of “self-made” men. Men that forget that they are gifted and blessed by God.

Jesus entered and exited this world in a completely vulnerable spot. He dies for our sins because He knows that He is the only one who can. His purpose on earth was so clear. We are all terminal. We are all diseased with sin. He is the ultimate doctor. We can do no good thing to deserve His salvation. We can only trust Him for eternal life. Your life will not be spared of trials. They will come and when they do, remember how Jesus response was to trials. He always called on His Father God. We can too. We are never alone. Trials will come in the worst times, but we must be faithful and trust that God will always give us a gift in response to our trials. We must always seek what that gift is so that we become more like Him each day. Don’t run from trials, pass them. Because of Jesus’s great gift of salvation, we are all related to Jesus by blood.

Read Luke 2:1-24

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