The Letter

I John 3:18 “Little children, let us not love in word, neither in tongue; but in deed and in truth.” 

The frail woman climbed onto her bike and rode it as best she could to her small post office box. As she rode, her small American flag waved in the wind. She peddled away knowing that her mail box would probably be empty. Since her husband died and her hearing was bad, checking her mail was all she had to look forward to. She was 93 years old and understood that everyone was probably to busy to write her.

Instead, when she opened the mailbox, a card with her name and address on it awaited her. She smiled and peddled back home. In anticipation, she opened the card and read. A woman from her church had written a short but encouraging letter. She wrote about the weather, her small garden, and how she was helping a friend out of town. This short letter meant the world to this widowed woman. 

God tells us to encourage one another. We may not be good at preaching, teaching, or singing, but God can use anyone even to write a short and encouraging letter to a lonely widowed woman. God does not require talent to be used by him. Children can color pictures. Adults can cook,clean, volunteer, or even write. Never underestimate what you can do. Ask God to show you what you can do for others. This summer, be usable. Look for ways to put your Christianity to work. Go!

1.) Name one thing you can do for someone in need today? Do not put it off.

2.) Who do you know that has a need?

3.) Ask God to show you this summer how you can help others. True Christianity is doing things for others when it is inconvenient. Allowing yourself to be inconvenienced shows God that you are a faithful servant. 

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