The Love Language Mystery

“For you were called to freedom, brothers. Only do not use your freedom as an opportunity for the flesh, but through love serve one another.” Galatians 5:13

Dr. Gary Chapman wrote a book several years ago called “The 5 Love Languages”. Each person has a different “love language”. Some of us feel loved when our parents or spouse spend quality time with us. Others feel loved when they receive a gift. Mothers may feel loved when their kids or husband do an “act of service” such as cooking or cleaning one night. Kids or husbands may feel loved when they are given “words of affirmation” or encouraging words. The last of the five love languages is physical touch and that is when a child or spouse feels loved when they receive a hug or kiss.

Usually we symbolize what our own love language is because that is how we show love to everyone else. We might like to receive gifts because that it what makes us feel loved. Our spouse or kids may not feel loved by that language and may instead enjoy an encouraging word. Believe it or not, children have love languages that carry on into their adult years, but parents fail to take the time to see what language of love their child enjoys. We may lose out every day by insisting we push our love language on everyone else. 

For those kids or spouse who feel loved by encouraging words, criticism cuts deep. We need to watch out for this. Mothers and fathers who wash the dishes every day and clean the house may feel very loved when we get up and do it for them. This is a very unselfish act that shows them that we love them. Usually the person we love has a love language that we do not particularly like. True love does it anyway. Let’s find the key to each person’s love language mystery this week. 

Dr. Chapman created a Love Language Mystery Game for children and parents to try to figure out what love language each one has.  Check it out here.

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