The Purge


Therefore thus says the Lord God, “Woe to the bloody city, to the pot in which there is rust and whose rust has not gone out of it!” Ezekiel 24:6a

For 5 years, Ezekiel had prophesied to the exiles about the destruction of Jerusualem. The day had finally come as God told Ezekiel “Son of man, record this very date, because the king of Babylon has laid siege to Jerusalem this very day”. (Ezekiel 24:2) This is the great and powerful and seemingly indestructible Jerusualem. It would be hard for the exiles to believe that such a thing could be occurring to their hometown.

The Lord then tells Ezekiel to get a pot and fill it with the choicest meats (bone-in), and bring it to a boil. While boiling this mouth-watering meat, a rusty scum floated to the surface ruining the entire meal. Because of the rusted pot, all of the choice meat was ruined by the rust and and had to be thrown away. Since the rust was permanently on the pot, the pot could never be used for cooking again as it would ruin everything placed inside it. The pot is a picture of Jersualem and the nation of Israel.

“Then set  it (the pot) empty on its coals so that it may be hot and its bronze may glow and its filthiness may be melted in it, its rust consumed.” Ezekiel 24:11 God was about to turn up the heat and he wanted everyone to realize their impurities, scum, and rust. He wanted even the pot to be melted down as this would be the only way to get rid of the rust. There was no mistaken the intention of God and that was to purge the city by destroying it completely. Jerusalem was the cooking pot, filled with impurities, and completely unusable by God.

The people of Jerusalem had sacrificed their sons and daughters by burning them by fire to false gods. They even committed impure acts in the most holy places within the temple. They were a proud and completely godless nation who used the beauty and power God gave them to exploit all those around them rather than use their gifts to point others to God.  God was about to cook up Jerusalem and purge them of all the impurities that surfaced. God will occasionally turn up the heat in our lives too, but praise Him that he has made a way to purge the scum of sin with the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross. He takes sin seriously and gave all so that we may have a life with meaning. Daily, we need to search for the impurities, scum, and rust in our lives and ask God to purge us and make us useful to His will for our lives.

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