‘The Purge’ Meets ‘We Bought a Zoo’


It must’ve been a very strange world to live in when your dad is considered the only godly man on the face of the earth. Home schooling of sorts was probably pretty popular in Noah’s time and his 3 boys were to watch as all of the world around them, except their own family, would be destroyed. We don’t know if they lived in a desert or not, but one would think it strange when Noah said that they would all be building an ark (a huge boat) and that two of every kind of animal would be on the boat with them. This takes “We Bought a Zoo” to a whole another level. How will the animals know where to go? Another question would be, where do we get all the lumber? Most likely Noah would never see a Lowes or Home Depot. Who provided that lumber? God.

The world was so wicked and evil in Noah’s time that God was going to wipe out everything he had made on the face of the earth. Why water and not fire? If we think about it, fire destroys, but water cleanses.  We learn in the Bible that in the end days would be fire. In Noah’s day, destruction would come with a flood. This flood would separate the filthy from the clean, the wicked from the innocent. It would not end life exactly. No, it would bring new life. God was not giving up hope. He was preparing for generations of hope and a man who would die to give us just that.

Noah’s kids may have thought why in the world they had to be inconvenienced with hundreds of animals on a boat. We have all traveled with animals and they are not exactly the easiest to maintain during travel. When God first created Adam, he gave Adam the task to name them. God loves animals. He eye is ever on the sparrow and he clothes each and every animal. God wanted to protect his animals and made careful preparations for them to be spared during the world’s destruction. His choice was not for Noah to eat filet minion and New York Strip during these times, but He would provide food for Noah and his family. His “ops plan”? Simple. Trust and obey.

One family in the whole world would gear up and “doomsday prep” for a world flood. Noah was probably the joke of his entire town, but he would soon prove to be right. While the world continued their evil deeds, Noah and his sons built the ark. Noah’s kids may have thought “would this be the end of everything”? Would you be willing to follow your dad’s decision to leave everything you know and trust His faith in God?

Noah may have thought that he and his family were no different than the world around them. He too was a sinner, a fallen man, imperfect, and sometimes unkind, but he was called. Why him? What was his wife thinking? Did his decision cause problems in their home? Did she even trust him?

The problem with the world in Noah’s day was their pride. They believed they were god like. They believed they were made in the image of God, could give life, and take it away. How much different were they then God himself? Who is this God they could not see that they should follow? They did not believe and were not sorry for their sins. This was their world and they would seize it, or die trying.

When the water shot up out of the ground and from the sky, it was too late. There would be no time for breaking news or Facebook posts to warn them.  Did Noah and his children hear people banging on the boat to come in? Noah’s kids may have wandered why they were saving animals when small children were drowning. These may have been some heavy questions on their minds. Why? Why could they not throw a rope overboard and save one? This was man against creation. God did not do this. Man did this with his sin, pride, and lack of respect for life. Man shattered the beauty of this world in order to kill, rape, and destroy. The purge was underway. A man is not ruled by his heavens but by his will. Noah had a choice. He could obey God, or he could join the world and shake his fist at the sky. Noah chose obedience. We should to, no matter the cost.

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