The Unqualified House?

“Then David the king went in, and sat before Jehovah; and he said, Who am I, O Jehovah God, and what is my house, that thou hast brought me thus far?” 1 Chronicles 17:16 ASV

King David certainly was well aware of his deficiencies. Even though he was a king that lived in a palace, he knew he was undeserving and lacking. He knew that his true success came from Jehovah. Though he rose through the ranks of band camp, shepherd boy, and baby brother to giant killer, warrior,and eventually king of the land. His road to fame was bumpy and included indictments, death sentences, and false accusations. His journey led him to damp caves, hot deserts, abandonment, and hiding. His faith was tested as He was promised to be a leader, but found himself constantly on the most wanted list. Through it all, David knew that only Jehovah could completely redefine his image to take a simple shepherd boy and set him on a throne.

The waiting game was the worst, so it seemed. Watching an evil man succeed from a darkened cave. David must have wondered, where is God. Didn’t God promise victory? When will He make a way? The freedom David desired so desperately came with high prices as with much power comes much responsibility. Little decisions were made in caves compared to the decisions needed in running a country. Sometimes we get what we ask for and we realize we miss the simplicity of life before great responsibilities.

Now as King David may have glanced back. Betrayal, pride, murder, death of children, an affair. How had it all gone so wrong? His intentions are spelled out in the Psalms. His devotion was unquestionable. How had his entire house fallen apart so quickly. His greatest desire was to build a house for the Lord, a temple. In this task, he was not qualified. This assignment would have to be passed on. This must have hurt David greatly, but he followed Jehovah’s commands.

What have you asked God for, but haven’t seen yet? What are you doubting today that you need to trust more? Is it which school you will go to? What school your kids will go to? What job you will get? When you will get a raise? Will your kids serve the Lord? Will I fail as a parent? All these prayers or thoughts go through our minds, but God is great. He is Jehovah and he will bring you and your house further than you even thought He would take you. He is a kind, forgiving, loving Savior who never needs location services turned on to find you. He loves you. Amen.

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