The little girl sits on the swing watching everyone play on the monkey bars. She wants desparately to cross the monkey bars, but what happened last time was a disaster. She got to the first rung and just hung there. Kids began going around her as she was stuck hanging. She was too afraid to reach for the next rung and finally an adult saw her and helped her down. She never ever got back on the monkey bars. Instead, she sat on the swing and stared at all the children as they played on the one toy she ached to play on.

Fast forward 15 years. This same girl has grown up to have a child of her own. She has a little girl. One day, she gets a phone call that her sweet little girl has fallen off the monkey bars and hurt her arm. She rushed to the hospital to find out that her daughter’s arm is broken. It heals quickly and she is back on the monkey bars in no time.

Can you believe that? The fear of falling off the moneky bars or just getting stuck had kept this woman from living out her dream.  Yet her own daughter had gone through this exact scnenario, lived to tell about it, and still gets back on. “Sometimes its easier to overcome a fall and a break than the fear of failure” says Lysa Terkeurst who wrote about this above example in her new book The Best Yes. The question is posed “What is worst, falling off the monkey bars, or never getting on?”

“Every thrill has an element of risk. Every leap of faith has moments of uncertainty. And every great success story has elements of failure. In other words, since there is no perfect choice, I dont have to be paralyzed by the fear that I’m not making the exact right decision”. (Another excerpt from Lysa Terkeurst book)

The truth is we steer where we stare. Dont spend your life staring at the possibility of failure, and instead grab the rung ahead of you and swing.

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