What You May Not Know About Noah and the Ark


This is the account of Noah and his family. Noah was a righteous man, the only blameless person living on earth at the time, and he walked in close fellowship with God.. Genesis 6:8-9

We have all heard stories about Noah and the Ark. Recently, a movie was made that added Hollywood fiction to this epic tale, but this story was certainly no work of fiction. One thing we may search for in the Bible about this story and not be able to find is that people in that time made fun of Noah for building the ark. As we can probably assume that it did indeed happen, why was this left out of the story? Though we can make our own assumptions, this is not an exact Biblical truth. Read for yourself in Genesis chapter 6.

This beloved story is far more than an overstuffed bathtub toy chock full of all sorts of lovable creatures. 2 Peter 2:5 describes Noah as a “preacher of righteousness”. Noah was in the tenth generation of the human race. His name was related to “comfort” and “rest’. His grandfather was Methusalah and his father was Lamech. They are believed to be have been alive during the building of the ark, but the Bible never mentions that they assisted him in anyway. 

One great thing about Noah is that he walked with God in a time where all of Adam and Eve’s descendants were consumed with wickedness and were very violent. Giants walked the land of evil, but God made a way of escape to only 8 people, Noah, his 3 sons, their wives, and Noah’s wife. God provided Noah with the “blueprints of sort” to construct the ark which may have looked more like a modern-day cargo ship. Can you imagine a building project designed by God? How awesome would that be? And.. God gave Noah a countdown or a deadline of 120 years before the flood would take place.  By the time the ark was ready for sail, Noah was 600 years old.

From what we read in the Bible, we read of only one door to the ark and 3 decks. One male and one female of every animal and bird were loaded into the ark before the rain began. Can you imagine how much food you would have to have for all these animals? It is hard to take care of a tank full of fish, let alone an ark full of animals. The rain came for 40 days and 40 nights with floods covering even the highest mountain tops. Can you imagine rain falling for 40 full days and never stopping?  Noah and his family spent approximately a year on the ark before exiting. 

After the flood, Noah built an alter and worshiped the Lord. This pleased the Lord so much that he presented a rainbow and promised Noah he would never again use a flood to destroy all living things again. God hates sin. He despises it. Jesus died on the cross for each of us because He knew the penalty of sin. He paid the price so that we could have forgiveness. The world around us makes fun of this story as if it is an unbelievable fish tale with no “caught on video” credibility. Faith is believing in what we don’t see. We believe God’s word. We believe that God takes sin very seriously and will one day, like Noah’s family, rescue us from the drowning waters of this world. We should thank God today for loving us despite us. 

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